White water rafting at Maetang river north of Chiangmai

White water rafting at Maetang River, northern part of Chiangmai. Maetang river runs north of Chiangmai and offers the full spectrum of emotion. The journey begins at the narrow point of the river with level 4 & 5 white-knocked, wide-eyes, tumultuous rapids, This river and its canyon offer a truly adrenaline pumping rush down the rapids. Our safety staff are from the river villages and are intimate with its character. They are all trained in safety & rescue procedure from both raft and shore. For this trip you will raft thru 10 km. of breathtaking white water. For this join group the size of the group will be varying up to the season sometime 10 people and sometime 80 people which is even more fun. For one boat we will have 4 customers and 1 captain which have years of experience on this river. And also on the shore we will have safety staff following you all along the river for your safety.


How to get there:

Round-trip transfer service. International standard safety equipment. Experience guide and crew members. Meal and drinking water. Insurance (reserve before).