The Absolute Heaven

Panviman Spa

Spread over a 12 acres expanse high on the mountains, overlooking charming valleys stands Panviman Spa at Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort.

There, body meets soul.

Enjoy our combination of East Meet West spa treatments, ancient Thai lanna healings, daily classes of Yoga and Meditation to lighten your spirit and restore balance and pleasure.

Make the most of your stay with Panviman Spa Resort, and learn how to feel your best for life.

Environmental stress and wrong personal habits add to the strain. All this results in various physical and mental diseases, restlessness and unhappiness, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart diseases, diabetes, dyspepsia and migraine to name a few.

Panviman Spa has special unique programs for purifying and detoxifying the body and balancing of emotions for you to choose as a half day /one day package program.